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About Me

Marleen is a high energy, multi-faceted Information Technology professional, with numerous transferrable skills. She is a proactive planner, analytical and has a passion for quality & continuous improvement.

Marleen’s strong technical, customer service, and interpersonal skills have afforded her the opportunity to assume different roles such as Application Engineer, UNIX Systems Administrator, IT Project Coordinator, NOC Engineer, Windows Systems Administrator, Desktop Analyst, Helpdesk Analyst and Technical Support Analyst.

Marleen is resourceful, has a great ability to take unknown challenges head-on and do what is needed to quickly get up to speed.

In Marleen's  current role, she serves as an Application Engineer, supporting core website. While her primary responsibility is supporting the company's website and customers, she also collaborates with IT PMO to work on process improvement projects which enrich customer experience. 

The roles that best fit  Marleen's interest are (in no particular order):
• Information Governance Analyst
• Data Governance Analyst
• Business Intelligence Analyst
• Data Analyst
• Process Engineer
• Business Process Analyst
• Process Manager